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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 27, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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now. take a look at what is happening outside, clear skies, should be beautiful today, less humidity tucker said this might be the pick of the week. wednesday july 22nd. i am steve. >> i am alison seymour. to weather and traffic in just a moment for you. first we want to let you know our mortgage help phone bank continues this hour. it runs through the entire time we are on the air until 10:00 a.m. this morning experts with maryland emergency mortgage assistance program here to help answer your questions about mortgage assistance issues. they will direct you to the program that can help, the number to call is on your screen (202)895-3307. if you can't get through to that number, call 18774627555. here are those numbers
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again (202)895-3307 or 1-877- 462-7555 also a web chat at we are finding out last week's extreme heat was deadly three people in maryland died. they had underlying health problems one was a person from baltimore older than 65 the others were from prince georges and somerset county southern eastern shore between 45 and 65 years old so far this year 9 people have died in maryland from extreme heat. >> another hot with a one today tuck. good morning hack checkuply, all -- actually, all in all should be a decent day. extreme heat returns toward the end of the week. >> satellite radar, quiet conditions, just a beautiful
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start, yesterday, at this hour, we had fog across the region. lots of clear skies, haggers,town. looking great we should be in for bright sunshine temperatures cooling off overnight, not so much here in the city, 78 degrees, also north and west 60s. frederick, 64 degrees, haggers town 69, fredericks burg 77, sunshine, low humidity, highs 90 degrees or so. today the pick of the week things go downhill from here as humidity increases tomorrow details on that, coming up in a couple minutes. on time traffic julie good morning. >> good morning tucker. still talking about the commute for those travelling into northeast washington earlier we had problems with an accident, east capitol street that tied up the roadway as a result of an accident a pole knocked down, d dot was on the scene.
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northbound 395, heavy, slow and steady, more delays as you cross over the inbound 14th street bridge a 12 minute ride right now as you travel from the belt way toward the chain bridge all lanes open, southbound 270 looking good. i believe the crew in sky fox is with us, they are checking out your drive along the dw parkway, there is an accident on the north side, moved over to the shoulder, expect delays as you travel out of laurel, northbound stretch, a little slow rubber necking past the scene. as the search for a serial slasher continues in northern virginia we have security images police want you to see. >> an expert thinks there is more to worry about. live at tyson corners mall where one of the attacks took place. >> reporter: good morning alison that attack happened
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inside the h&m store at this mall the most recent happened yesterday at fair oaks mall the suspect cut a woman shopping at the store on her buttocks inevery case this man causes a distraction and attacks with a knife or boxcutter fox 5 caught up with pat brown and asked her to take a look at the facts in this case she thinks this guy is going to attack again and the crimes will become more dangerous. >> first they have a thing called sneak and stand where they sit close to you and then they go up and start touching you or rubbing against you but to move up to the point where you take a weapon and slice someone he is moving into dangerous territory he wants to hurt a woman, torture her the next step is rape. >> now, a similar incident happened at the green briar center on route 50, police are asking that if you think you
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might have been a victim of this man, give them a call, there is surveillance video we have been showing you all morning take a look at it and give police a call steve. >> thank you in maryland a police officer due in court for a bond hearing facing attempted murder and sex charges investigators say the mount rainier officer lured the victim to his home with a promise he was going to be in a porn video. but when hall arrived there were no girls the officer demanded sexual favours when hall refused he fired several shots at him. gillette told police he shot a carjacking suspect. >> we pretty much knew the outcome the way it came out was going to be after john was able to speak he told us the story and the truth came out. >> the victim was in the hospital with gunshot wounds for two weeks before recovering. if convicted gillette could face up to life in prison.
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a 16-year-old girl will be charged as an adult in the kidnapping of a baby from baltimore. she was watching 7 month old friday night when the baby's father left when he returned the two were gone they were found early monday morning at a bus stop in the northeast the baby was not hurt. now the latest in the debt debate back to the drawing board in washington. >> the numbers just aren't there they say fox's doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> a vote in the house pushed back another day because republicans just got some bad news. house republicans walk out of a closed door meeting last night trying to figure out what comes next. >> i just can't support it in its current form. >> didn't get the savings we had anticipated, so we are going back and adjusting it, finding more cuts to get the numbers to come out right.
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>> the problem is the debt plan put forward by john boehner falls short it does raise the nations debt ceiling to avert next week's deadline deficit cuts are more than $300 billion less than advertised it will now be reworked even if it passes, the president is promising a veto. >> we are beyond that discussion that bill will not and could not pass the senate it won't get to his desk in the oval office so the question of veto or not, is really beside the point. >> with the gulf widening with democrats on one side and speaker and republicans on the other it is not clear what comes next. >> okay i will forward your comments. >> both white house and capitol hill switch boards were jammed after the president urged voters to call many seemed disgusted with both sides. >> with house republicans rewriting their plan we are not likely to see a vote until thursday.
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in washington doug luzader, fox news. for the second time in the last two months a democratic congressman stepping down oregon representative, david wu accused of having an unwanted sexual encounter with an 18- year-old last year. he said i cannot care for my family the way i wish serving in congress fighting these allegations i will resign upon the resolution of the debt ceiling crisis. >> some senators not happy with airlines they raised fees during the partial shut down of the aviation administration. when congress refused funding, it created a tax holiday. some airlines raised prices in response to pocket money senators in charge are scolding the industry for raising fares. after 102 years, a sign of transition at walter reed army medical center an official flag casing ceremony will be held in
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front of the facility's main building they are closing their georgia avenue campus moving part of the operation into bethesda and some to fort bell for once the old flag is cased new colors will be uncased. checking headlines north korea demanding the u.s. sign a peace treaty today marks the 58th anniversary of the armies station that ended the korean war they are calling for a formal treaty as south korea sends aid to the north for the first time. a senior north korean diplomat visits new york. warning americans to take precautions abroad the global travel warning, there is still increased risk of terror attacks following the killing of osama bin laden americans should watch for threats, protests, violence against united states citizens. chairman of the house
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homeland security committee saying americans are joining terrorists in somalia. peter king is looking into the radicalization of americans 40 americans have gone to somalia to fight along the militia. in norway a suspicious package caused a brief evacuation in oslo's central station police found no explosives inside they have been on edge since last week's car blast in the city and mass shooting at a nearby summer camp cabinet min sisters will return to their offices for the first time. 10 minutes past the hour a food recall involving chicken nuggets we will bring you that next. more than 3,000 post offices could shut their doors. we will talk about how many in dc could be effected. >> we will talk with experts about your mortgage and
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foreclosure trouble if you have questions call 1-877-462-75-55. as we head to break let's lookout side, see how things are moving 395, good so far. 11 minutes past the hour we will check with julie wright and also tucker barnes has the forecast 
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consumer alert this morning involving your food thousands of pounds of chicken nuggets recalled some were sold in virginia, voluntary recall by pilgrims pride includes 7,000 pounds of fully cooked chicken breast nuggets shipped to dollar general stores in nine
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states including virginia and west virginia now they are expanding recall over concerns it could have bacteria that could cause food poisoning. >> at mcdonald's happen my meal getting a healthy make over now they will all come with fruit. they will make apples a standard item in the kids meal the happy meals will still come with fries but less fries, smaller portion it is part of a major health push not in response to the government regulation on marketing food to kids. >> moving on dominion virginia power moving ahead on an electric vehicle program they would provide reduced rates for overnight charging for owners who lease plugged in vehicles. customers can sign up beginning october 3rd. >> another incentive to go
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green. >> people that have those cars absolutely love them. >> plug them in at night ready to go in the morning. >> every time i spend $80 to fill up my car. >> yes, please i will add my two cents to that. >> we are all on the same team. >> we should get a car and share a ride in. >> car pool each morning at 3:00 a.m. >> never mind. >> forecast today looks good, i mentioned yesterday some people out in the city, having lunch outdoors. >> a lot of people exercising. >> yes, today another beautiful one, highs 90, low hood mity, big changes tomorrow -- humidity, big changes tomorrow. >> good or bad side. >> hot side. numbers, 78 right now regan national, generally in the washington mid-atlantic, up in new england, boston 69. heart of the heat all summer long continues today looking at the five day forecast, in
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dallas, dallas does not have a forecast high under 102 so that gives you an idea how hot it is. wichita, 104, st. louis excessive heat warning the brunt of the heat off to the west a little piece of that energy will slip east and heat things up for us enjoy today by tomorrow and on friday, right back into the upper 90s close to 100 by friday. satellite radar lots of sunshine expected mentioning all morning, carolinas, to new york, up to chicago, we don't have a cloud in the skies, just a few passing fair weather clouds, nice and dry highs 90 degrees even cooler than yesterday your five day forecast more humidity tomorrow, 95, friday dangerous heat likely heat advisoryings, near 100, not much better saturday a little better by sunday this round of heat won't last as long as last weekend. >> right that 100 looks like a foreigner sitting amongst the
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villagers. >> good. >> not like a familiar house guest. >> it is here whether we want it or not. >> you are right. >> julie. >> the key is turn the 100 side ways then it looks like two scoops of ice cream >> i like that. >> that is where my mind is thinking now. okay. all right here we go on the roads this morning, accident activity northbound side baltimore washington parkway, 295, and 198th it is tieing up the right-hand side of the road. >> southbound, rubber necking delays laurel. heading down to the exit for the outer loop. parkway inbound belt way headed out toward the chain bridge. northbound, to king street, outer loop right into the sun, van dooren to telegraph on the inner loop, heading back
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towards 66 heavy and slow, wall to wall traffic. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you so much the u.s. postal service delivering some bad news, more than 3600 post offices could soon be forced to shut down, 32 of them right here in the dc area, mail volume dropped off 20% in the last four years, post office is expected to lose more than $8 billion, this year. i am not even surprised by that. >> you can do a lot of postal stuff online. >> people are going online doing things more efficient just one of those things that is somewhat inevitable. >> closing the offices could save the postal service $200 million annually some of them will be replaced by a loan clerk in a local store, gas station, library or town hall there will be 60 day comment period before the postal service makes a final decision on any of these closures. we hear about it more and more homeowners who are in
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foreclosure by the end of last year nearly 30,000 mortgages right in our area, fell right into that trouble. steve has more now for homeowners who need help. >> phones are certainly ringing alison we expect they will until 10:00 p.m. today. let's try to get folks at home help if you are not able to get through on phones, alicia, helping out with the phone banks first of all the phones are ringing off the hook. >> they are certainly ringing off the hook hopefully we are helping a lot of marylanders who need assistance. >> tell me about programs available that you are referring people to. >> the main program, today, is emergency assistance program, it is to help maryland homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgage, at least three months behind under employed unemployed or have difficulties due to a major medical issue. >> okay how do folks get
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involved in the program or take advantage. >> the first thing is call this number here, and we can determine we ask a series of questions and we determine whether or not they meet the criteria for the program. and this is a pamphlet called the emergency mortgage assistance employee gram everyone -- program everyone should call in and find out if you qualify. it is really designed to help homeowners and it is allowing 0 interest rate with a decrease in the loan amount as long as you stay current on your morn gang payment. >> the number on the screen -- mortgage payment. the number on the screen. you can vouch for the fact phones are ringing yours is ringing right now but people calling in what questions do they have. >> primarily asking about the program want to know if they qualify want to know if they have to pay it back many calls
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now really do qualify, and as i said keep calling, we need to help people in the state of maryland this is a fabulous program. >> the caller is patient enough and it is still ringing through we will let you answer that call. >> thank you so much. volunteers will be here until 10 this morning. we have folks helping out with a web chat down stairs if you prefer to do your research vie the web. now the nfl lock out is over who will stay and go. which red skin may be making a move to minnesota. >> save money on home projects, by doing the work yourself. this morning, our holly morris learning how to do that. hanging out at home depot in hyattsville getting tips on painting.
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it is 7:22 a.m. 
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it is back to work for our red skin training camp opens tomorrow the first practice is friday. >> according to multiple sources moss reached an agreement the first to have free agents to stay. a 3 year deal worth $15 million including a $5 million signing bonus according to espn the deal will be announced later this week. there are also several reports vikings and red skins very close to finalizing a deal that would send mcnabb to minnesota. one of the issues with mcnabb is working out a restructured contract, vikings can't make a deal with the red skins if they don't have a deal with mcnabb first. 7:26 a.m., on this wednesday morning vote to end the nations debt crisis has been postponed up next we will sit with jim and pete tore discuss the latest on the
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debate on the hill. >> if you have questions about mortgage and foreclosure issues we have experts here to help (202)895-3307 or if you would like to web chat. and as we take you to break live lookout side, i love it, katie plays the best music in the morning at 7. the latest weather and traffic tucker and julie coming up 
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want to take a second to thank our volunteers helping out this morning and helping you at home get help when it comes to your mortgages, these folks will be here to answer phonehell within the web chat if you are struggling to keep up with payments or facing foreclosure get your questions answered. if you are not in maryland they can still help you out and direct you to programs in virginia and dc that will help the number (202)895-3307 phone lines are busy, have some patience if you keep getting a
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busy signal 1-877-462--- >> one more time (202)895-3307 or call 1-877-462-7555 also a web chat of course that is on our website all right let's check with tucker barnes with a look at the forecast another hot one, maybe this heat is manageable. >> yes, temperatures low 90s. low humidity, repeat performance from yesterday. we can't complain about that. our average daytime high is 89. today, a little more concerned about the end of the week. >> yeah. >> can we talk about today more or done with that? >> not too bad. >> okay. >> alison. let's get started with overnight temperatures, back into the 60s. starting to warm up here frederick 60s overnight, 70.
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here in washington, 78 degrees, that's okay. 78 annapolis, 75 quantico and mountains, 68. northwest very pleasant, temperatures in the 60s. temperature trend and i mention today will be a nice one. average daytime high, 89 degrees. this is probably the warmst time of year later it will be 91 this afternoon look what is happening by thursday, friday, saturday back mid-to upper 90s and i want to emphasize humidity will be back with avengeance, second half of tomorrow by friday and saturday too. things will be increasingly more uncomfortable as we get into tomorrow, advice, get out and enjoy today >> quiet conditions thunder storm overnight, that slips off the coast, drives you to cloud cover, quiet weather pattern not often virginia,
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pennsylvania, out to the west, chicago we didn't even have a cloud out there high pressure will continue northerly winds, kick in from the warm side but at least we are dry low humidity huge forecast, high 91 degrees sunshine low humidity, winds north, 5 to 10 miles for hour again a nice one today, later tonight, just fine too. clear skies not expecting rain 74 your overnight low the return flow starts tomorrow winds will shift south and humidity will increase 95 tomorrow afternoon friday, heat advisories, 100 heat index probably approaching 110 by friday, saturday 96 cooler by sunday. >> your weather forecast, on time traffic julie with your latest. >> all right tucker let's talk about the northbound side baltimore washington parkway. crash crowding that right lane delays, begin at powder mill road, southbound parkway, 198 headed in the direction of the
7:34 am
belt way accident activity, inner room 50, arlington boulevard right side of the roadblocked off inner loop at the belt way jammed robinson terminal headed up towards that accident scene delays southbound 270, german town, no problems to report shady grove road headed toward the lane divide. welcome back everybody to the news, the august 2nd deadline to keep the nation going into default is inching nearer and nearer the vote to tend debt crisis pushed back another day as house speaker john boehner's plan falls shortjoining us as they do every wednesday morning, good morning. >> nice to see you. >> good to see both of you i am interested to hear what you all have to say what is going on i have to ask this question if your recent memory, have you
7:35 am
ever seen anything like this? peterly start with you. >> no, jim and i were talking about it, you know, we are not going to beat up on each other today. >> really? i expected we would be doing that. >> we can disagree but here is the point i wrote a column yesterday for the hill newspaper, pun dents blog i found a 1983 letter, from ronald regan, to then majority leader howard baker, saying hey, you guys you got to get this done on this debt ceiling here is what is going to happen to the country if you don't you could take those words and put them out there now they would be the same. >> right. >> you know, we should be having this debate, as jim and i were talking about, how to get this economy going, create jobs, put confidence back into the market the american people are furious they are filling up the phone calls into the hill and shutting down servers because they want something done.
7:36 am
you know they want to get by this, past this thing get over it and then solve these >> computers made a good point which is you know there is no question there will be a deal, either be a deal before august 2nd or 15th. >> hopefully. >> who knows what there will be a deal. okay. then what? >> right. >> right. >> we still have 9% unemployment we still have you know, astronomical spending that we shouldn't be doing. all right. people in america don't have jobs. so where are we with that. that is the question we should be asking, how is the economy going to improve how are we going to fix this problem out there. >> and we cannot have -- i will start with my side we cannot have folks on the left that say no compromise, no go, no cuts in anything you are ruining the country, we cannot have the group on the other side, congressman boehner is having a
7:37 am
heck of a time with it, whether it is michelle bachmann whacked or jim jordan. >> the good ceiling is about to end. >> my point is they will do nothing to help the speaker get this through. he is short 40 vehicles right now, for even his -- votes right now for even his plan. >> what about the block? what about that jim? >> they are going to come around. they will get -- they will eventually be a package the freshman will like that will pass the house, that will go to the senate. >> i am sure they are going to like it. >> well, end of the day, i think they will. i think eventually they will. pass the house and be on to the senate as i said in an e-mail to peter yesterday the one thing that is sort of interesting, if we are really going to get down to it, democrats, passed the house, the house passed the ryan plan, democrats knocked it down in the senate they passed cut cap
7:38 am
and balance the senate turned it down now the president threatened the veto the boehner plan, whatever it comes out but the point of it is, okay we are going to get past this. this squabbling. >> is there any chance that we don't get past this. >> i think there is a chance. i hate to say that but there is a possible. >> well, no, because i don't think boehner can control his side but here is the key. >> the major point i want to make today. >> go ahead. >> the grand bargain which they were getting close to is something i think is extremely important president and number of democrats were ready to deal, with a grand bargain and anger their base i think boehner was able to get close to it, they couldn't quite make it, but we got to get there the point is, we can't whittle around the edges here we got to bring this deficit down and got
7:39 am
to give confidence to the market one thing we are looking at now if we have this series of stop and starts and do this again in three months we are going to get a down grade in our credit rating this will be a tax on every american that is the reason i think that the administration and democrats and some republicans want to do this deal for a year but, with an assurance you will move on to that grand deal fast and deficit commission has come out with good stuff both sides of the aisle agreed but we got to move this beyond the partisan grid lock and craziness that is washington. >> jim made a point democrats are turning on the president peter we have seen reports of the confidence level there, is waning what does that do for the leadership, perception from us, that the president doesn't have the backing of his own party. >> well, i think what you've got is some on the liberal side some on the base, but you know they are not like. >> are you liberal?
7:40 am
>> come on. but you know my attitude on these kinds of things is this always happens with president's, if you are a good president you anger conservatives, but this is a pragmatic president we should be in a pragmatic time right now we should be solving this problem once the problem is solved a lot of that stuff gets forgotten. >> if you look at the bigger picture here is the bigger picture the president is up for re-election numbers have continued to go down since the time he was sworn in. all right. he needs to turn this around. at the end of the day, if this was a company, and they were about to default on things they would fire the ceo that is what he shooking at and you see the panic at the white house more so than -- i think it will be fine. >> it is not panic. >> no, not a panic but i think -- it wasn't a panicked speech
7:41 am
it was a let's compromise but here let me make this point and i am going to agree with you. if the economy is in terrible shape going into elections next november, they are mad at everybody but sure of course he is in trouble isn't the number so much, if right direction, numbers, round track near mid- 70s seeing unemployment not improving people don't have the income to spend, if two trillion dollars are still sitting on the sidelines, then this is going to be trouble because 62% of people right now do not blame the president for this problem they say you inherited but we want you to fix it. and depends who the nominee is obviously but you know this -- >> you didn't answer the question >> i know. >> i just want to say we are out of time. will you come back next week we will talk more about it? >> i think we can do that. >> we will talk about david wu
7:42 am
another -- >> that will be a lot of fun. >> thank you jim and steve. >> some reports have congress' job approval rating down in single digits obviously a lot of work to be done. 7:42 a.m. wednesday morning, what does the country's debt crisis mean for you? in our next hour you can imagine it is not good news we will talk about why the average person should care about what is happening on capitol hill. >> we will help homeowners, having trouble keeping up with their mortgages or facing forclosure one of these great volunteers will be able to help you out if you cannot get through at that number 1-877- 462-7555 web chat available at back after this 
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7:45 a.m. welcome back to fox 5 morning news, with the economy on shaky ground many americans still having problems keeping up with their mortgage payments if you need help, get your questions
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answered at least by the maryland emergency mortgage assistance program. call (202)895-3307 through 10:00 a.m. this morning if you get a busy signal try 1-877-462-7555. all right again those phone numbers, (202)895-3307. or chat at a lot of folks giving up their time to come in and help you out this morning great opportunity hope you take advantage of it. >> i love just how -- i can't thing of another word, how joyfully they are coming and doing that and know first hand how people are hurting. >> some of these programs have a time limit and expiration date. >> september 30th for a lot of them. >> do not put it off.
7:47 am
>> only 45 more seconds. >> now 40. >> 35. >> hot and humid. >> i was going to take you to the caribbean. possible tropical storm. >> who is this? >> don. hurricane center is nighing a plane in later -- flying a plane in later today. >> female or male don? >> don. >> keep an eye on it here in the weather department later today. interesting. >> 78 now regan national, 79 at the naval air station, here is your forecast again, it will generally be a nice one today, sunshine, highs 90 degrees low humidity things change in a big way tomorrow 95 humid, 100 by friday needed rain late in the day and saturday. >> all right sounds good. >> thanks tucker. >> let's check with julie. >> good morning guys a lot going on now for you guys coming inbound along 66 look behind me where we have the crash after 123 before you
7:48 am
reach the metro station they temporarily blocked the roadway to move the accident vehicles off to the shoulder, left lane, here comes more help on the scene, inbound, 66, fair oaks headed up to metro and again at the belt way, crash on the inner loop, delays stacking up 95 to 236 again at 66 that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you if you have ever wanted to tack hall home improvement project yourself but were not sure how to do that we have advice for you. >> holly morris is hanging out at home depot hyattsville where she is learning about painting this morning. holly good morning. >> reporter: it is just one of the things i am learning because i have signed us up ladies for a do it herself workshop. and our first topic, you are right is painting, we are going to talk about picking a color, prepping the wall and then actually putting the paint on itself and yes, you can do it.
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i am going to show you how next. stay with us. 
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>> did you know home depot hosts different workshops, to teach you how to do projects yourself. >> holly morris is there to learn about their unique do it herself, no boys allowed program. >> that's right. not do it yourself this is do it herself. so all you single ladies out there that want to get stuff done at your home or all you married ladies that can't get your husband to do it, forget them do it yourself all you have to do is sign up for the do it herself workshop, absolutely free and you soon will be empowered and your home will look better as well. i am hanging out with doug he has been with home depot 17
7:53 am
years, and is also a captain when it comes to do it herself workshop one thing we are doing is painting the day. >> yes. >> we have a lot to get in where do we begin? >> most important when it comes to painting, preparation, of walls and home. in the sense of furniture and floor protection you have drop cloths. we got tape, to go around the trim work, go around the doors, go around windows. >> this is one of those things people don't want the take the time to do it but the actual painting takes a little bit of time prepping takes the most but worth it in the end. >> that is your basic in itself. when you got a wall, where you have nail holes, screws being exposed scratches on the wall you want to take your time to fill everything in so it doesn't show up when you do your final product on the paint itself. now we have different products in themselves, you got joint compound, which is what you use
7:54 am
to cover up nail holes, bigger scratches then we have a new product, it goes on pink so you can see. >> wow really pink. >> where you are applying it so that you can see you are filling in. filled in then o you see the it will dry clear. >> it will dry white if you have too much just lightly sand it and get it ready for the next process, the painting. so we got a wall right here, ready to go, we already have it all prepped up everything is fixed on it. >> so let's talk about the taping. >> the taping itself, as you can see the taping itself you can create anything, any shape, you can keep yourself from painting any trim, any windows, you know, you want to tape anything you don't want this color to go on, so that -- >> if i try to do it free hand. >> it will be harder.
7:55 am
>> not going to be so straight. >> that's right. >> also this is like if you are trying to preserve your trim and what not and picking the right brush is important. >> basically this brush keeps your wrist from doing the angle cut. >> it is a brushes angle. >> the brush is angles, the normal size for a cutting brush is 2.5-inch what you have in your hand that is the brush you want to do around the edges of your wall on your ceiling around windows, doors. now, we are going to do, on the side of this right here, doing a roller paint technique which is basically, you are going to do a w if you would. >> oh. >> okay why the w. >> that is just to spread all the paint on the roller. >> i see. >> now you can start filling it in,. >> okay and as we do this i want to quickly -- you will take the tape off and show them how clean the lines can be
7:56 am
let's talk color selection in 10 seconds this is ocean view i selected because i said that is always the room i want on vacation that is holly hawk pink figure out why i picked that one but picking colors is hard >> yes, picking colors is hard but here we give you the option of buying color samples, that basically is only about 8- ounces overpainted, that will give you a coverage of 10 square feet or so you can go home do what you are doing paint a good section of your wall, leave it there, and you know so you can live with it, see how it looks. you got to take into consideration the lighting here in the store gives you a different color preview to it so when you get home let's say you have more natural light or incandescent, the color in itself will look different. >> right. live with it. >> this pink itself may look more reddish. >> may look a little too pepto bismol for me.
7:57 am
>> our website we have a link to home depot so you can look at the home depot closest to where you live and see when their do it herself workshops are. when you go a lot of times they will have the products you need for that project on special. >> coming up, we will move on to installing a back splash. >> ever thing you need to do with that. >> he is still laughing what does that say. >> we will see you again soon holly. >> 7:57 a.m., cashing in on all the pushes your credit cards provide? a lot of folks are not. foxes consumer reporter will tell us what protection and pay off you could miss out on. >> in our next hour we continue to help you with mortgage issues. join the web chat on we will be right back
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7:59 am
8:00 am
a maryland police officer on the wrong side to have law claimed a man tried to carjack him he had to shoot now investigators say it was all a
8:01 am
lie. >> then a serial slasher preying on women. now police are releasing surveillance photos. also ahead all kinds of consumer news in addition to our phone bank and web chat helping homeowners struggle being their mortgages we will look at how defaulting on the nations debt could impact your money and how to make sure medical debt doesn't play a part in determining your credit score. >> how to cash in on free protection your credit card company is providing you may not know about. >> i am steve. >> i am alison. happy you are with us this wednesday morning. >> let's check with tucker back in the 90s again. >> yeah, you got it low 90s. low humidity generally this is a good forecast. just a beautiful looking start to the day. >> all right your hair isn't curly at all. >> it is starting to curl.
8:02 am
>> yeah. >> take a look at our current conditions, and you know generally it will be a good hair day more challenging friday. >> good to know. >> this you go. i have nothing to show you look how quiet that is you don't see a typical map, no cloud cover across the mid-atlantic,th inning happening, we have conditions, temperatures overnight 60s and north and west, here in washington 78 degrees. 78. 68 haggerstown. frederick, 66 and 77 fredericks burg we have a dry one lots of sunshine, beautiful afternoon, 91 washington, 88 annapolis. same can't be said for thursday and friday. >> thank you. check with julie and get a look at traffic hey. >> you guys coming from the west we will start off talking about the dulles toll road as you work in from huntersville road only a 10 minute trip at
8:03 am
this time eastbound route 70, delays 70/100, you will find the inner loop of the belt way on the brakes, brad dock, to 66, 66 inbound, 123, accident activity tied up the right shoulder, overall traffic on 66 tied up headed eastbound from centerville. next that inner loop at the belt way, robinson terminal up towards 66, bumper to bumper slow. belt way, leaving university boulevard towards georgia avenue that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you to our top story now, in information in the case of a serial slasher targeting shoppers in northern virginia before he strikes again police want you to see security camera images.
8:04 am
audrey, scary stuff. >> reporter: it is scary stuff alison and the attacks that you mention here in tyson's corner happened at the h&m store mid- june the most recent attack however was just yesterday, at fair oaks shopping center. now the suspect in all of these cases, has been cutting women in the buttocks, yesterday's attack, he made a distraction just like he has numerous times before and then once he goes to look for it he moves in this happened xxi store fair oaks mall investigators want you to look closely at surveillance tape be aware this man is out there and perhaps prevent a future attack. we asked a profiler, pat brown to take a look at facts in this case and tell us what she things disturbing news from her she believes his crimes will become more dangerous. >> she noticed out of the
8:05 am
corner of her eye clothes had fallen off the corner of a rack a man was over there she looked over and she felt a sudden piercing in her buttocks. >> i just found out today from my boss and i hid in the corner i was like oh, no, i am a teenager i shop a lot so it was kind of surprising someone is going around slicing people. >> and because a man is out there, police say you need to be on alert. most of the malls have private security, fairfax county police make routine patrols but they are asking potential victims to come forward they think there may be more out there. >> thank you audrey. >> maryland police officer facing attempted murder and sex charges. gillette is due in court in 30 minutes for a bond hearing the mount rainier officer told police he shot a carjacking suspect at his house but that
8:06 am
didn't add up he lured the victim to his home, with a promise he was going to be in a porn video, the officer then demanded sexual favours and when hall refused gillette fired several shots at him. >> it was because of the investigation, investigators responded to the scene right away and through their investigation they determined what happened. >> relief too, also because it takes the blame on my brother- in-law. >> if convicted, gillette could face up to life in prison. the victim has been released from hospital. 16-year-old girl now charged with kidnapping a baby from baltimore will be charged as an adult she was watching the 7 month old friday night when his dad ran to the store police said when the dad returned boozer and the baby were gone they were found early monday morning near a bus stop the baby was not harmed and reblew neated with his mother
8:07 am
and prosecutor -- -- reunited with his mother and prosecutors and pressing charges. walter reed closing its upper northwest campus part of it moves to bethesda, other parts will transfer south. most of the physical moving will happen next month once the old flag is cased, new colors for the new facilities will be uncased. as you know our phone bank does continue this morning we are trying to get folks the help they need dealing with mortgages and foreclosure issues we are joined by an entire staff of volunteers we are so happy. we want the talk to maria. she is with the housing counsellor with latino housing corporation good morning. >> good morning. >> minority communities, latino, african american community, asian community hit hard, a lot of people in need
8:08 am
of help. >> yes, we are getting numerous calls this morning a lot of people that have fallen into that situation. >> right. the need to maybe have a division just dealing with latino community which has grown so much, it is very -- it is needed right now. >> very much needed right now, there is only two locations that i know of that service latino community with just the two offices, they are constantly overwhelmed with the number of people. >> what kind of help can you provide? what should people do? >> they should definitely try to get information, be informed about everything out there, try to get informed and apply for these programs. >> when are you in trouble if you are watching now and a month behind and not sure how you are going to make it next month when are you in trouble? >> you should call and try to
8:09 am
get it if you feel you are not going the make that next payment if you feel you are constantly pay check to pay check. >> call and get help. >> is there a timeline on programs. >> the program we are limited until september. this grant is only provided until september. >> all right. >> so you heard it from maria get those calls in if you feel you are in jeopardy. >> alison thank you very much 9 minutes past the hour wednesday morning the debt debate in the news, a lot lately we are now less than a week away from the default deadline what does it mean for you and your money we will take a closer look when we come back stay with us 
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:12 a.m., 78 degrees. some stories making headlines, obama administration issuing a worldwide travel warning to americans, saying there are increased risks of terror attacks in the wake of the osama bin laden killing, americans should take precautions when travelling
8:13 am
abroad. david wu announced he is stepping down amid-a sex scandal citing the well being of his children he said in a statement he intends to resign upon resolution of the debt ceiling crisis, he is accused of having an unwanted sexual encounter with an 18-year-old woman last year. >> latino official put in handcuffs and arrested again. he was participating in a protest against immigration policies outside the white house yesterday and arrested at the white house in may of last year. 13 minutes past the hour now let's check with tucker and get our cues. >> good morning time for the cool down factor of the day, this is ... ♪ [ music ] >> this is our first 5 photo of the day, 2-year-old carly. >> looks like she is cooking. >> playing in her rather
8:14 am
stylish kitchen. >> that is an oven mitt you want. >> i want it forget the girls. >> yeah, that is styling. hey, send us your child's picture go to i wonder what she is cooking. >> whatever it is, i would eat it. i don't care what it is, mud pies whatever else i am eating it because carly made it. >> bet it is excellent. >> have a great one today keep yourself cool if you are cooking in the kitchen temperatures later today, back into the 90s. low 90s for afternoon highs. there is your current conditions 81, regan national, 80 degrees past hour. out west, central portions of the country see that dark strip of orange, it continues today, just unbearable out there, 104, wichita, near 100 st. louis, heat warning heat advisories i show you that part of the world because the heat is headed back in our direction like last week.
8:15 am
be prepared here for another stint of hot temperatures, all right looking at satellite radar, lots of sunshine, quiet weather across the washington area, clear, quiet conditions up to west virginia, pittsburgh, ohio, high pressure keeping things in charge one more day, we should be mostly sunny and nice, i mean it will be hot but without too much humidity, there you go 91 this afternoon decent looking afternoon 95 tomorrow more humidity returns tomorrow afternoon, 100 friday, heat and stickiness around for the weekend. >> okay that is a look at the weather, on time traffic and julie wright has your latest. >> all right tucker good morning sir, we are busy on the roadways with a lot of slow traffic. if you are travelling the outer loop, on the brakes, headed past college park towards georgia, southbound 95, on the brakes, 198 to join the belt
8:16 am
way, travelling inbound, 50, river dale headed into northeast, southeast washington good hope road stacking up 16th street to 11th, on 295, malcolm x to the work zone, travelling inbound 66 accident activity on the shoulder expect delays as you travel from 70/100, inner loop of the belt way, robinson terminal to 66 that is a lock at your fox 5 on time traffic. >> now the latest on the debt debate lawmakers set to vote on john boehner's plan that is postponed after the budget office discovered it would cut spending $2 million less than promised boehner rewriting the measure however president obama said he would veto the bill any way six days to go until the nation defaults on its debt deadline would pop up for the first time. >> if you are not already paying close attention to this story you should it will impact you financially more on how this could happen, joe baker
8:17 am
good to see you. >> thank you. >> what will happen if a deal is not reached? >> we could face defaulting on debt defaulting is worst case scenario for us this impacts everyone not just like a big fuzzy macro issue this has trickle down effect if you have an adjustment rate mortgage, saving money, borrowing money in any capacity, want to start a small business all these things will become more costly and i would say that if you want to avoid these things you need to get in touch with your congressman. >> that is the big question what can we as people do about it because the back and forth seems to be on capitol hill doesn't seem like we have much say in that but we don't want to stay much on the sidelines waiting and hoping something will come out of this. >> yeah, that is what got us in this situation, and i still think congress and the president will come through on solving this, if for no other reason than it would be a
8:18 am
political train wreck. but ultimately, what we can be doing personally, is contacting our local officials and just letting them know, and unfortunately, my official doesn't get a vote in congress but couldn't hurt to call in and make your voice heard i have been seeing commercials for people advocating we should allow the country to default and not raise the debt ceiling that is preposterous to me and terrifies me people are thinking this way because we can't afford to do this. if our debt gets down graded the ripple effects would be terrible. >> some leading economists are saying that would be the bigger concern, it is one thing the debt ceiling is one thing down grade is another and that could be something that would take a lot more time to recover from. >> we could avoid a default but still get down graded we still have rising interest rates, more expensive for us to keep running deficits what that means we all have to pay more money down the line mortgages
8:19 am
go up social security would get cut, that wouldn't effect people any time soon politicians don't want to effect current voters but people like you and me down the line would be receiving less money in social security benefits. >> the question when it comes to things like this, you know, we know how the financial system works we know how the government works, take a long time perhaps longer than they should to happen or reaction time is lengthy, if we would go either into default or lose the credit, rating that we have now, how long might it take to recover from something like that? >> it would -- i don't want to say forever but the results would be quick so right away interest rates would probably go up and be more expensive for us to borrow and realistically a long time before we could turn that around congress would have to make some very serious choices on cutting our deficits in order for that to turn if they are not able to come to those conclusions now they are probably not going to come to nit 5 years.
8:20 am
>> -- come to it in 5 years. >> you don't want to force the hand but we would hate to see what we have been dealing with last couple years. >> there is a chance we get a bunch of stuff, just packed into this one bill like we have where a bill to reshape the financial services industry to make it more conservative and safer for consumers but there have been side-effects that happens when you shove a bunch of laws into one thing >> just to get it passed. >> all right the bottom line for folks at home get in touch with your representative, whoever it is that you can just keep into their ear until you get something done al back to you. >> quick reminder for you, we have a team of experts in studio to help homeowners with problems paying their mortgage or anyone with questions about the foreclosure process the number to call (202)895-3307 if you can't get through to that
8:21 am
number a lot of folks calling, call this number 1-877-462- 7555. we also have set up a web chat for you pgh >> 8:20 a.m. on this wednesday morning starting today metro riders can purchase a commemorative one day pass featuring martin luther king junior's image. we will give you a first look at that ticket when we come back holly good morning. >> good morning the quickest, eastierest cleanest way to install tile? come visit doug at home depot. here live in hyattsville we have signed up for a do it herself workshop these are workshops designed just for women for projects you can do in your own home we will tell you how to take advantage later stay with us [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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8:24 am
anne arundel county police are asking the public's help locating a suspect in a hit and run a bicyclist was hit and killed by an suv along ritchie highway, july 14th the driver took off here is a police sketch she is described as a plaque woman, 30 to 40 years -- black woman, 30 to 40 years
8:25 am
old, 135 to 150 pounds, last seen wearing pink medical scrubs, the car is a ford escape or jeep liberty damage to the front passenger side of the car. in virginia a woman's death sparked a new law to protect you called ashly's law named for a fairfax county woman killed three years ago when her car was hit by an officer responding to a call. emergency vehicles are required to slow down at red lightuse sirens or horns. governor mcdonald signed it today and acknowledged the work of ashley's family and friends to have this law enacted. >> commemorating the martin luther king junior memorial with a special one day pass featuring an image of the memorial that will be dedicated august 8th. it is on sale now for $9, on metro's website also at regional transit stores. the pass is valid for one
8:26 am
day of unlimited travel on metro rail, week days, after 9:30 a.m. after the morning rush and then all day on saturdays and sundays good for one day. time now 8:26 a.m., on this wednesday morning. >> there is a push under way to make sure medical debt doesn't play a part in determining your credit score. did you even know that issue existed? >> we will learn something you have until 10:00 a.m. to learn something about your mortgages if you are in trouble get free advice from our team of experts here to help if you are having trouble paying your mortgage or have questions about the process. (202)895-3307 or if you can't get through 1-877-462-7555. we also have a web chat on stay with us we will be right back
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 a.m. a suicide bomber hiding explosives in his turban assassinated the mayor of kandahar two weeks after karzai's half brother was slain. taliban claimed responsible for this latest attack. >> land slides in south korea killed 32 people after heavy rain sent mud barreling through the capitol dead include 10 college students police are rescuing people trapped by the rushing water. some climbing on top of cars. last week's heat wave killed three in maryland, they died from heat related conditions all had underlying health problems so far this year, nine people have died in maryland because the heat. well, tucker is joining us now he has a look at the weather. >> is that what is happening? >> i think so. >> good morning alison >> wonderful seeing you too. i guess this is the time i say
8:31 am
temperatures will be relatively mild. >> mild. >> mild. >> we don't call -- we never say 90 is mild. >> typical summer time weather. >> above average. >> alison you should do this as well. >> perfectly, typical weather later today pleasant, low humidity a lot of sunshine. >> love it. >> yeah, manageable. >> let's get started take a look at numbers up to 81 degrees, 81 regan national and overnight lows back in upper 70s. annapolis 79 at the moment, southern maryland, upper 70s. and off to the north and west we go, 60s overnight, very nice, frederick down to mid- 60s. jumping up to 79 degrees more conditions, repeat from yesterday, afternoon highs low 90s. best part low humidity, it will be fairly pleasant across the region. temperature trend we got the
8:32 am
warn you more heat on the way, today high temperatures low 90s, 91 degrees. daytime high, 89, tomorrow mid- 90, temperature close to 100 hot and sticky weekend temperatures mid-90s. more heat on the horizon. friday highs expected to be close to 100 degrees. satellite radar quiet conditions shower and thunder storm activity slipping off the coast picking up rain here in washington off to the north and west quiet conditions look how quiet, look how clear the skies are. out west, ohio, west virginia and southbound carolinas, high pressure gives us nice weather winds out of the north, expected highs low 90s here is your forecast, again, next 5, temperatures right about where they should be, mid-90s lookout by friday and saturday, highs around 100 friday and your weekend forecast generally dry
8:33 am
late thunderstorms on saturday if you have outdoor plans. >> that is a look at your forecast i will toss it to you. >> thank you tucker you have an hour and a half left to get free advice from the team of experts in studio b. they are here with us this morning to help homeowners having problems paying their mortgage or anyone with questions about the foreclosure process the number to call is on your screen, (202)895-3307 if you can't get through to that number here is another one for you 1-877-462- 7555. you can also join our web chat set up on rodney anderson isn't with that group fielding phone calls this morning but knows why some people are having trouble getting mortgages in the first place the author of credit 911 he is pushing congress to pass a law mandating changes and how credit agencies maintain data about your debt. good morning good to see you.
8:34 am
>> good morning. >> let's start off with what you are hoping will pass medicaldebt responsibility act does have bipartisan support you are supporting this as well. >> in 2008 i identify add problem happening to many people who wanted to buy homes or refinancing homes can you imagine having a $23 medical collection make it to your credit report drop your score 137 points, and all of a sudden you can't boar remoney or can't refinance your home, because of a medical collection then you say i will pay the medical collection only to find out that it stays on your credit report for 7 years. so in 2008 i set out a mission to get a bill passed in united states congress. last year it passed in the house we ran out of time in senate but we are back at it again bipartisan in the house i am here in dc to make it bipartisan in the senate but it
8:35 am
is hurting our housing market and will change it and bring it back you thing that it just is happening to you it happens to doctors, nurses, everybody i just saw one the the other day a medical doctor that makes millions of dollars, has millions in the bank and his son, he took his son to the emergency room when he was 6 months old never got a bill two years later he has a bill that makes it to his credit report $334 drops his score from 763 to 652. >> that seems outrageous. why is medical debt different? >> medical debt is unique we don't get monthly statements in the mail and it is also unique because when we go to a doctor's office or hospital, or a lab, normally you don't go through a check outline there is no menu of prices and then all of a sudden you get a bill in the mail that says pay this bill don't pay this bill and it is so confusing most people don't even know what a medical bill is or can't read it. >> any grace periods you can
8:36 am
pay off that medical debt? is that offered at all? >> not at all what will happen if you miss a mortgage payment it goes to credit right away you never find out about your medical debt until it is in collections most of the time so there is no grace period, once it goes to collections it is ruined your credit score and you will suffer the consequences for 7 years. >> okay so what do we do and. >> we contact our local congressman they are crazy with the debt but we contact our congressman, and senatorask them to support the medical debt responsibility act it costs not one penny to the american tax payer but will help consumers raise their credit scores and help business the housing market we don't need these people trying to help people get out of foreclosure problems because there is a solution out there, and i have the solution to fix this economy. >> say you find this get your three credit reports trying to
8:37 am
do a morgang is there no recourse -- mortgage is there no recourse now? >> you have to go to the collection ageneral and ask them to remove it -- ask them to remove it upon payment they will tell you most of the time they can't do it by law which they can but they don't want to help people in most cases, it is the 7 years that you will suffer for a very long time. >> thank you for your work on this. >> thank you for having me on. >> good to see you again, rodney ander son author of credit 911. >> steve over to you. >> thank you very much alison. 8:37 a.m., wednesday morning airline industry getting scolded in the midst of the faa shut down why when we come back. >> later this morning, great treat at 9:00 a.m. neil patrick harris will join us with more on the new movie the smurfs. fox 5 morning news, coming right up 
8:38 am
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today's job of the day fitzgerald auto mall. looking for an associate, lexington park maryland and annapolis if you would like more on this job and others go
8:41 am
to click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. >> some senators slamming the airlines for raising fares after the faa partially shut down last friday because con guess failed to reauthorize funding that created a tax holiday because congress would not collect taxes, from the government on tickets some airlines took advantage raising pricepocketting the difference. west virginia senator jay rockefeller who over sees airlines is scolding the airline industry. we have a team of experts in studio to help homeowner s with problems paying their mortgage or questioning about the foreclosure process number to call (202)895-3307 if you can't get through on that line, call 1-877-462-7555 we also have a web chat set up all right time now 8:41 a.m. on wednesday morning, a recent survey found majority of
8:42 am
consumers are not aware of many of the perks your credit card provides for free coming up fox's consumer reporter joining us with tips how to cash in on the free protection your credit card company already provides for you. >> plus we will check back with holly teaching us ladies how the save money with do it herself projects. around the house. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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we want to remind you once again we have a team of experts in house. the phones are is not stopped ringing this morning thanks to all our volunteers who came in to help if you have not yet been able to get through keep trying we will keep the phone lines open until 10:00 a.m. this morning if you have questions involving the mortgage process. (202)895-3307 or 877-462-7555 there is a web chat on now, here is an important question, do you know as the ad
8:46 am
goes, do you know what is in your wallet? >> sadly i do but if you are talking specifically my credit cards, your credit card company provides protection and pay outs most of us have unaware of steve is live this morning, good morning to you steve. >> good morning guys. >> we are talking about something other than rewards, right because i do have one of those cards. >> yeah, right, i want you to take a look this morning this is the welcome packet your credit card company sends to you when you get a new card in the mail there is a lot of fine print in here most people take them and toss them away notice mine have holes in them i keep them in a three ring binder there is all sorts of information you do need. most of us look at things like interest rates, rewards, cash back even and we know all that stuff but we have no idea about all the extra freebies your plastic provides. >> right well, let's talk about those one is purchase protection what can we do to
8:47 am
make sure we are protecting our purchases. >> there is a few things yes, your credit card company will extend the manufacturers warranty for 12 months don't buy the extended warranty you already get it for free next actual purchase protection i know my i have coo card for example, will -- visa card will for example in the first 90 days if that is lost, stolen damageninged with my they will replace the purchase for free. cards will do price match protection. stores will do this 23 you buy something and -- if you buy something and find it cheaper your credit card company does it as well some for up to 60 days after you get a great deal keep on looking and shopping then contact your credit card company because they will pay you the difference if you find a better price the only exclusion is internet pricing, so make sure you save your receipt. >> if you need a get a product replaced because it is damaged
8:48 am
somethings seem almost too good to be true. >> it seems very cumbersome but the process is easier you know credit card companies want to make sure they have excellent customer service these days, right any pod dican give -- anybody can give you a great rate but these hidden perks based on conversations in the newsroom here this morning most people don't know this stuff exists there is probably not too much competition for these services when you call up and cash in on them. >> summer travel a lot of people are still planning summer vacations here are somethings you might not realize if you are travelling and your luggage gets lost 12 or more hours your credit card company will pay $300 for you to buy incidentals like clothing or toiletries until your luggage shows up if lost completely many companies have luggage protection that makes up the difference between the amount of money the airl and ac
8:49 am
of your luggage and contents in some cases up to $3,000 additional. but you don't know the ask unless you look at the fine print first. >> or watch fox 5 morning news and get your good advice thank you so much have a good day. >> you got it. >> fantastic got to keep those. >> i did not know that especially the travel protection. >> holly is working hard. >> she is at home depot they are teaching her home improve 789 projects holly good morning. >> good morning. when ladies talk, home depot listens really, the do it yourself product came from women making the request, they wanted to learn how to do self- improvement projects at home themselves so they decided to design these workshops for women they are held periodically, they are absolutely free and taught by experts. here taking me through the ropes we are moving on to a
8:50 am
back splash. >> yes, also doing a counter top as well. we are going to use a new product it is a tile saving mat that makes the job easier just like in the previous segment we talk preparation the surfaces need to be fairly clean, as you will know in a back splash you find grease you want the clean up the wall try sodium phosphate once your surface is clean we are going the use this here which you can use like a double sided tape and scale it off and apply it to the surface,. >> this is a pretty intense project because a back splash can dramatically change your kitchen or bathroom. >> it can it will give you a whole new look just like with painting, you want to have a lot of fun doing it,. >> i am just looking to see if it says comes with doug.
8:51 am
>> moving on. >> move on to this side here the back splash yourself you want to have fun with it expose yourself to color schemes you know like what we got going here you got the counter top going, the back splash you know, a good color in itself, little diamond shaped tile in the middle gives you a nice look in itself you want to lay it out see if the color go s with your cabinets. >> lay it out before you install it. >> exactly. >> the mat itself you know once you get it installed comes with a plastic sheeting on it. >> right this is what you pull off. >> right pull that off and now you have all the glue in itself there you are pretty much ready to lay tiles on it. >> okay. >> so, if you want to go ahead and get started on that edge. >> and this -- oh, normally i would look for the tile that has the beveled edge.
8:52 am
>> called like a bull nose tile. >> that is what i meant, bull nose. didn't you hear me say that? >> then i just line these up right next to each other? >> yes. >> stick it on there. >> stick it on and then you can just -- well, this here on top of the plastic keep on laying it. >> so was i supposed to -- >> you can leave that one there. >> i was supposed to put that one there probably. >> then see this one you already cut the size. >> mm-hmm. >> stick those on there if you wanted more spice in between that is what you use the spacers for. >> yes. to create a bigger grout line. >> right. >> now, since your back board is already exposed lay that on the other tile. >> as i work on this because our time is getting away from us i want to make sure we touch on grouting. >> this is what i am going to do with this side we had already pretty much finished up grouting you are pushing all of this in the lines you created
8:53 am
with the tile spacers. what you use for that is a float. basically, a stiff rubber piece to be able to push your grout into the line. >> make sure it is filled to the top. >> yes, ma'am. >> then do you wipe it off and let it dry. >> yep just like in here don't worry about getting it all over the tile because what you are going to do is basically have a wet sponge which is what we have here. >> then you wipe it off. >> and you are able to wipe that off,. >> as you can see. >> mm-hmm. >> stain right behind. >> how long will it take to set? >> 8 hours. >> once that is set, you got to remember you want to seal this with a grout sealer, because once again, this being a counter top you are going to have food particles going in you don't want it to stain the grout line. >> here is the great thing we are out of time he has
8:54 am
wonderful tips and advice the thing is if you come to the do it herself workshop a lot of times the products you need for the projects they will have on special they will make sure you have everything you need. our website we have a link to find out which do it herself workshops are going on at a store near you in our next hour designing the perfect closet. how about that. we will install a closet system. that is like doing a puzzle. everything you need the know you learn in kindergarten. back to you. >> did your ears perk up? >> closet and back splash thank you. well, all morning we have been connecting you to mortgage hell 7. >> if you are -- help. >> if you are behind on your mortgage headed for foreclosure. our chat will continue until 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> then we will talk with the maryland housing secretary about the help available out there. it is 8:54 a.m. on this wednesday morning 
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good morning to today's facebook fan of the day, sierra hawkins she participated in the red skins cheerleading camp. find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news, then post the comment under the smiling sierra's photo. congratulations sierra. glad you are with us this morning. we have one more hour to go let's turn things over to sarah and alison to take us up to 10:00 a.m. thank you so much. some of the stories we are working on for the 9:00 a.m. hour. after more than 100 years a sign of transition as walter reed medical center, more on a ceremony about to take place. >> plus answering your
8:59 am
questions today about finances and your mortgage. if you are experiencing financial trouble and you are worried about losing your home we want to help you get help call or log on to our website for a web chat we will have details on that coming up in a bit. and who doesn't love the smurfs, well, it was must see saturday morning tv back in the day, well, get ready to see them in a way you have never seen them before they are coming to the big screen we will talk with the human stars, neil patrick harris and jama mays what it was like to work with these blue creatures did you know three apple pie. >> that is creepy looking to watch them in action on this movie. >> okay sarah. >> it is weird. >> kids aren't going to thing it is weird. >> i just remember them on tv. >> sarah is a purist tucker. >> alison i notice you are wearing a lot of